EVO pet food provides all the nutritional benefits of a raw food in a consistent, balanced formula. This diet is an excellent alternative for raw feeders and home cookers because EVO provides all the benefits of a raw, frozen or home prepared meal. It gives the benefits of modern nutrition in a safe, convenient and cost effective natural way. Below you will find the top 5 features of EVO pet food.

1.) Grain Free - Most commercial and a lot of premium brands use grains like wheat and corn to provide a cheaper source of energy. EVO pet food does not use grains because they realize that their inclusion has been linked to gluten intolerance and food allergies, as well as obesity. EVO minimizes carbohydrates and maximizes the concentration of proteins in their diets.

2.) High Quality Meats - EVO uses more expensive meat protein in their diets. Such meats as chicken, turkey, and duck are used which are excellent sources of vital nutrients for strong bones and muscles. The meats used are human edible, are hormone and antibiotic free, and they never use by-products.

3.) Whole Fruits and Vegetables - EVO pet food includes whole, raw fruits and vegetables which are rich in phytochemicals, micro nutrients, and antioxidants. Not only do they use the freshest ingredients, but they also use a low temperature, slow cooking process that retains critical nutrients such as vitamins A and D.

4.) Direct-Fed Probiotics - Added to the kibbles to ensure their fullest bio availability, EVO includes probiotics for proper food digestion. They also contribute to overall health and microbial balance of the intestinal tract.

5.) Healthy Fats - EVO pet food uses high quality chicken fat, which is a rich source of omega six fatty acid. The various formulas also contain herring meal and oil, which supply omega three fatty acids. These fats and oils help maintain healthy skin, a lustrous coat and mental quickness.

Bridging the gap between the ideal diet in the wild and optimum nutrition for our domesticated pets, EVO pet food is an ideal ancestral diet.


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