If you have done any research into a Krups toaster oven you may have been a little taken back by the pricing. They do run a little higher than other top brands on the market right now, but they are also being reviewed as the best toaster oven you can purchase. So what's the deal? Is it really worth the extra cost, or is this an overrated product with an inflated price?

If you haven't yet discovered the power and functionality of a Krups FBC5 oven, then you may be quite surprised at what it actually has to offer! While many people are immediately attracted to its modern design that is available in sleek stainless steel and white, learning how it actually works is what usually proves it is more than worth the price on the sticker.

The Krups FBC5 toaster oven has a very efficient heating set up, which includes top and bottom heater elements. Its 1600 watts of power is alternately pumped out of the two different elements, allowing the oven to accurately keep the temperature exactly where it is supposed to be! This works well with the bottom tray, which is designed to reflect the heat into all four corners of the oven. All of this together means your food will cook more evenly than in other small ovens.

The oven is also very easy to operate with a nice LCD panel with a clock. It is button operated and has six preset functions which include different baking options, pizza, and other popular options. Besides toasting and heating, the FBC5 toaster oven from Krups is also capable of broiling, defrosting, and has a convection baking mode.

The only possible drawback to this toaster is that it heats up extremely quick. Doesn't sound like a problem, does it? It really is not a problem in itself, but if you do not watch your food you could burn something, since it may heat much faster than you would expect from other toaster ovens. On a side note, it also cools down just as quickly.

This Krups toaster oven can be purchased for around two hundred dollars, but when you compare it to other ovens in the same price category it does come out as one of the best purchases. If you want an oven that will serve many different purposes and heat your food evenly without cold or dried out spots, then this is an excellent investment to add into your kitchen.


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