You have to be so careful if you are going to try the lingerie look that is showing up in the main fashion houses and on the runway. Frankly, the use of the lingerie look is nothing,  if not short of dangerous in the wrong hands.  There are a myriad offerings that are downright tacky and do absolutely nothing to  grace the wearer. Unfortunately, the retailers who ply this sort of wear tends to get a lot of publicity and appeals to the more prurient among us.

On the other hand, the best examples of lingerie style dressing are exciting and beautiful. A glimpse of lace in a bustier top or a long white gown of Carmeuse reminiscent of an elegant full length gown form the boudoir can be quite charming. The key is to keep the look restricted to one piece of the ensemble and to whisper not scream.

The best examples use the contrast of leather and lace and marry the lingerie item with something in sharp contrast like a men's look in shoes or boots. Some designers have used vintage pieces to advantage and the hippy look has been incorporated by some exponents as well.

A recent tabloid report of one of their favorite targets wearing a much too short lingerie style slip that left too little to the imagination does nothing to enhance the public's view of the latest fashion trend. poor girl really needs some helpful guidance.

Use due caution in selecting your combination of pieces and remember less is always more.


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