There are many admirable features that come with a Strobel waterbed mattress, and the options are about as endless as with their regular mattresses. This company makes a point in keeping up with the times so that you can have the most comfortable sleep experience possible. While their regular mattresses have topped the market as the best and most comfortable options out there, their waterbeds are just as impressive.

There are two different options when it comes to waterbed mattresses from Strobel: Softside and Hardside. The Softside mattresses offer the deepest possible fill of water available on the market today, at seven inches. The Premium Flotasia Softside also allows you to decide exactly how much water and how much padding will be included in the bed, so that you receive the exact firmness that fits your body best.

There are also unique features on the Strobel Hardside Hydro-Support 2100. With this bed you can sleep on water, but will never have to deal with the inconvenience of slipping and sliding around on moving water beneath you! This bed is 100% waveless and offers superior comfort and support for your entire body. It has several different layers, all with their own important function for the overall bed.

For starters, it includes nine layers of fiber, which extend over the entire surface of the bed. The lumbar is also a complete 24 inches long and extends over three layers. There is also a layer of flotation foam which allows the body to rest more evenly across the bed surface. Altogether, these features come together to off the most support and highest level of comfort that you could ever expect from a waterbed.

Sleeping on a Strobel mattress is incomparable to most other mattresses on the market, especially when it comes to a waterbed. Even the edges are specially designed with this brands unique K-Rails which allow you to sit or sleep on the very edges without falling into the water helplessly. Waterbeds actually become comforting and functional with a little help from modern technology.

Strobel also offers the best mattress for a waterbed that you will find in the industry. While there are different options, the most preferred is a mattress that is so strong it comes with an unlimited guarantee against any puncture holes! That means your Strobel waterbed mattress will be completely covered in the event of a puncture, and in turn that speaks to the confidence this manufacturer has in their product.


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