For mother, gift ideas come easily when you consider what she enjoys doing in her leisure time. Does she meet up with the girls and go out to watch a film? Does she have friends round for supper and a chat? Does she like to pamper herself with a beauty routine? Or does she like to get into snugly pajamas and read a book?

If your mother loves reading, here are a couple of great ideas she will relish:

1. "A Thousand Splendid Suns".

This is an astonishing story about two women growing up and making a life work, under the most crushing and apparently hopeless conditions. The sort of story that might make you wonder how you'd fare in similar conditions. It's also a story that's painfully difficult to put down.

Here's what a reader said about A Thousand Splendid Suns: "When I was actively reading it, the pages kept turning, and more than once I found myself foregoing food or sleep temporarily to get in just one more chapter."

It's a tremendous read. Your mum will enjoy it a lot.

2. And here's another idea for a very special gift your mum will treasure for years and years and years...

It's a small, lightweight digital book reader on which she can easily carry hundreds of books around with her, onto which she can quickly and easily add new books, no matter where she is. So she can read what she likes, anytime.

It's the Amazon Kindle, the new electronic book reader. The same Kindle that Oprah has fallen in love with, the same Kindle that writer Neil Gaiman uses daily.


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