The retail from stores is worse in 2008 Christmas season. However, the online retail increases by 6% from the fourth quarter in 2008 than in 2007. The total reaches 130 billions. Until now, there is still a suspicious about the online shopping. But the fact is that people do go online shopping. Several factors are considered to make people shopping online including convenience, cheaper price, and no local restriction.


Online shopping makes a revolution on people traditional ways of shopping. The shopping is changed into an easy way human have never done that ever. You know what you want, go to the shopping website, add your favorite into the shopping cart, finish your online payment, and your purchase will be coming in a certain period. Is that easy? Your shopping is just a mouse click. You have no need to go to the mall if you do not like crowd, looking for a parking lot, and a long line waiting for a cashier. Also, you can stay at home and do comparison shopping at several online stores which carry the same products. It makes you a smart shopper.

Cheaper Price

Another important incentive to go online shopping is a cheaper price you can get online. The online store has no need to pay expensive rent in the shopping mall or shopping center. You can imagine that the store rent is a large portion of the merchandise cost. The cost also includes customer service employee salary. If you search online, you could find an online shopping website which carries the same product at a cheaper price or much more even plus the shipping fee. Now more people are getting used to the shipping fee. It is not an extra cost when you consider that you drive to the shopping mall from one to the other, especially when the gasoline price is really expensive.

No Local Restriction

Since internet comes, people have more freedom and no need to be limited by the local stores. You can almost purchase anything online globally. Suddenly you find that all people live in the same earth village. If you live in a small town and have only a limited choice for your scarves in the local stores, you can go online and find a huge selection of scarves. Now you can enjoy the rural quiet natural environment and have no concern for merchandise shortage at the same time.

The internet technology and mature shipping network make online shopping more popular and realistic. People are getting used to enjoy the benefits from online shopping. The convenience, cheaper price, and shopping globally are three major considerations here and they makes your life a lot easier and fun.


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